In creating and planning your exhibition space, we understand you may want to reuse individual elements and possibly do so more than once. We plan them so they can be reassembled to make your booth fit a different size space or conform to other local conditions. Our elements are designed for easy disassembly and reassembly, which also means they are easy to pack and ship.

Recycling / Upcycling

Floor and wall panels can be reused more than once and eventually made to serve a new purpose. Our aim is to enable you to reuse the highest proportion of elements and so lower your waste rate. Our palettes are made of steel, not wood, meaning they will serve you longer. We pack pack parts in boxes, not in disposable plastic wrapping, and strap them down with belts, not synthetic strapping.

Climate neutrality through compensation

Climate protection is dear to our hearts, which is why we have contracted an external service provider to ensure we can make your project fully climate-neutral. Certificates are available to prove that participations in tree-planting projects compensate carbon dioxide emissions which would be attributable to you.

Sustainable concepts

Our concepts are geared to multiple usage. Modular construction means you can adapt their shape and footprint to suit your needs. We design components so they can be easily exchanged, enabling you to fine-tune your stand from one event to the next one. Using rented materials means less up-front expense and less shipping and storage.